LCR meter


This project is about the ARM, CPLD, and DDS technology. Based on the LCR meter theory, the whole system consists of a signal source module, voltage & current detection module, the digital process module, etc.

The signal source module provides DC to 500K Hz sine wave, range from 10mV to 2V along with 10mA to 1A circuit source, based on DDS technology using CPLD controller.

Phase detection circuit calculates the phase difference of two sine wave using multi-slope analog-to-digital technology. Digital processing uses S3C6410 chip to achieve digital filter, vector decomposition.

I am in charge of the circuit design and CLPD program design, C++ interface design.


  • CPLD Part:1. Communication Interface; 2. Multi-Slope ADC controler; 3. SPI interface; 4.DDS(Direct Digital Systhesizer) module;
  • Analog Circuit: 1. Measuring circuit design; 2. Amplifier stability analyse; 3. SI analyse;
  • Coding: designed Measure class, using virtual class and virtual function.

FPGA architechture